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We know you want to see the puppies, but we'd really like for you to get to know us.

When Jarbeth's Kennel first opened in 2004 we were a "family" operated business.  Now since most of our children are gone we have cut way back on the number of breeding dogs and the breeds we offer.  We still have 2-3 children at home as well as 3 grandchildren who find their way into several puppy photos.  Fear not, our puppies are still well socialized.  Click here for proof.  Just about every puppy that leaves here will be child proof, dog proof and cat proof.  As expected, we (and especially our grandson) fall in love with our puppies long before we offer them for sale.

Our puppies get the personal touch from birth to shipment.  Over the years, some of our litters have been born in our bed with children all around.  Others have been born in one of our children's closet.  We hate losing even one puppy so we try to be right there to help if needed.  If it is the dam's first litter, due to inexperience she might not know what to do, or after birthing several pups be so tired of pushing that she may not have the strength to get the last puppy out of the birth sack in time--and that is where Bethany comes in.  She does whatever the dam is unable to do: open birth sacks, suction lungs to clear the fluid, clamp umbilical cords--you might say Bethany is a puppy mid-wife.

Bethany has been known to get up every 2 hours at night to hand feed litters if their mother's milk is bad or has not come in yet.  Some puppies or whole litters have had to be hand fed until they were weaned.  Bethany does whatever it takes.  I have been out at the barn at 10:30 at night in the middle of winter giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a still-born kid goat.  When they were young, our children expected us to do these things.  Our puppies get the same hands-on care.  We don't have so many dogs that we can afford to give up on even one puppy.  Every life counts.  The puppy that is struggling at birth might be the one you are looking for.

Be comforted to know that the puppy you will come to love, we will have loved first.
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