Bethany started raising dogs in 1980.  Since 2004 when Jarbeth's Kennel opened, we have offered several different canine breeds before settling on the Bolognese, Toy Poodle and BoloNoodle.  In this and the photos below, you may see Chihuahuas, Silky Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Newfoundlands, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Chinese Cresteds, Great Pyrenees, Bull Mastiffs as well as kittens, and other 4 and 2 legged critters.

We have raised 9 children (and now 3 grandchildren) so over the years we have had horses, cows, goats, chickens, a donkey, sheep, ducks, pigs, guinea hens, hampsters, mice, domestic rats, guinea pigs, as well as other animals on our property, and all of them were pets with a name.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, please examine the evidence...


Terrier puppy with our calf, Shadow.
Two older Bullmastiff pups getting dressed up for the 4th of July parade.
Kid goats playing in the barn where our Great Pyrenees puppies are raised.
Chinese Crested puppy sleeping in my daughters crocheting project.
Nearly every day, Levi either gets IN the puppy pen to play with the puppies or he asks to bring 1-2 puppies down to the house to play.
Great Pyrenees on the deck hoping to get some of my daughter's hotdog.  Apache, her horse, is appraising the situation.
To answer your question: Yes, my children did. 
Bolognese puppy, who refused to go elsewhere, helping Troy build the deck. 
BoloNoodle puppy Levi brought down to the house to play.
Bullmastiff pup napping with us one Sabbath afternoon.
My daughter's Chihuahua dressed for winter.  You just gotta love the scarf.
A Bologense puppy Levi brought to the house for a tricycle ride.
Sickly Chinese Crested puppy that was being nursed back to health napping with our son's adult Bullmastiff.
Chihuahua puppy learning to play the piano. 
Yes, the pony is IN our living room.  My youngest son wanted to show his grandpa his new pony.  Grandpa just happened to be in the house at the time.
Sign posted on the side of our house, seen as you walk to the front door.  And Bethany means it.

The black hen is Troy's chicken, Raven.  When Alaska, our Great Pyrenes mom, would get up to eat, get some exercize, or take a break, Raven (who would be waiting nearby) would immediately hop into the middle of the puppies, fluff herself up, and plop herself down as if she were sitting on a nest of chicks.  Raven and Alaska seemed to have an agreement becasue the moment Alaska returned, Raven would hop up and resume her post of standing vigil, waiting her turn to take care of the litter.  Even I would not have believed it if I had not seen it for myself.
Another daughter with Polly, a baby opposum that our big dogs found abandoned.  We finished raising her and returned her to the wild.
This is the work of yet another daughter (we have 5) who dearly LOVED to play dress up with the puppies. 
From left to right, a Pug, Great Pyrenees and a Boston Terrier.
Playing dolly with her personal favorite breed, a Shih Tzu.
In all honesty, you never know WHAT kind of critter you will find at our house.
Nearly every day Levi wants to bring a puppy or two down to the house to play.
Older Bullmastiff pup ignoring my daughter's two pet pigs.  Tiny sister, Rebecca, officiating.

Levi playing with a Bolognese puppy.

Two BoloNoodle puppies getting the Levi Special, getting a child-proofed puppy is just another perk you get when you purchase a puppy from Jarbeth's Kennel.

The puppy you get from Jarbeth's Kennel will be child proofed AND cat proofed. 
You are welcome!
If you ever wonder why the puppy you get from Jarbeth's Kennel can be so calm, now you know.
Hugs and kisses....from us to you.
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Our dogs are so well behaved and socialized you might even see them on the cover of Vogue.  This is one of our BoloNoodles with his new mommmy, a beautiful international model, gracing the cover of Vogue Japan.